October 21, 2019 | 6:14am

Introducing Instabase Solutions

Justin Herlick Product

At Instabase we spend a lot of time thinking about how to solve long known industry problems. These range from image classification of an ID card to entity analysis in 1000 page contract. Much of our research and development goes into improving our platform so that our users can take our findings with them to solve their particular business problems. We are delighted and continuously astounded with what our users have been able to come up with using our platform! These are problems we never would have come across sitting isolated in our offices.

Take for example the personal lending industry. In order to underwrite loans for their borrowers a lender, and Instabase customer had to take-in and verify multiple pieces of income documentation. These documents would come in a variety of formats including scans, pictures, and fax. Processing them was a very burdensome exercise involving a number of human steps that would shuffle paper around into different systems. By working together we were able to automate away the majority of these human steps and achieve the straight-through processing they were looking for. 

After some time, we have found that even with the variety of use cases that can be tackled with the Instabase platform there were a few that kept appearing. Our U.S based customers, particularly in the financial services sector, kept coming across the same set of documents that they needed to handle in order to carry out their day-to-day business. These were W-2s, Paystubs, Tax Returns, and Bank Statements. Typically these documents have been hard to process because there is only minimal structure held between any two copies. By taking an entirely new approach and utilizing the capabilities of our platform, we were able to solve this problem in variability and breadth; meaning that regardless of structure we can process the document all the same.

With heavy collaboration with our customers, we are proud to announce our set of U.S Solutions. Instabase can now offer our customers solutions to common industry problems such as Income and Asset Verification right from day 1 – no development needed! That means that rather than spending the time to set up your own workflow, Instabase customers can hit the ground running and take advantage of the years of research we have put into solving these incredibly hard problems.

What comes next is even more exciting! We will continue to add new out-of-the-box solutions to our list and dive even deeper into the solutions we offer today. That means that current and future users will have the full backing of Instabase behind them, as we further research, develop and solve difficult operational issues that have been stalled for decades. We can’t wait to help you automate your workflows with our US Solutions! 

Please contact our team for more information and to get started with Instabase US Solutions