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Not all automation is created equal. While there is value in providing automation by making software mimic human actions (Robotic Process Automation, or RPA),  it is limited to tasks that can be observed and then replicated as is.

Instabase is tackling what to date has been a holy grail in automation: understanding and providing a framework for automating the processing of unstructured and offline data, which has had to be done by humans. A general method of doing so from an automation framework has largely been in the realm of research or science fiction.


Optical Character Recognition

You get data in dozens of formats. Instabase’s best-in-class OCR can process almost all of them.

  • Read from any format - for example, PDF, Images, Emails, Web Pages, Microsoft Office Documents (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook Messages, etc.)
  • Maintain quality and structure of documents
  • Retrieve messy, skewed, inverted, and noisy data from images
  • Integrate resulting data seamlessly into another application or a business workflow

Data Classification & Extraction

Instabase provides a general purpose framework for extracting data from documents, and classifying incoming documents.

  • Leverage our pre-built primitives to automatically extract key fields in any document
  • Build an extraction program using our program synthesis abstraction
  • Leverage our proprietary language to formulate your own extraction program
  • Leverage our NLP abstraction to extract data
  • Leverage our Machine Learning capabilities to extract data

Natural Language Processing

Not all data comes in structured or semi-structured form. Instabase solves that problem.

  • Identify named entities such as people, companies and places, and their relationships
  • Use natural language search and sentiment analysis to help you make better decisions
  • Build regular reports of relevant information through customized web scraping

Build Your Own Capabilities

If our built-in tools aren’t enough, it’s simple to integrate or build your own.

  • Integrate Instabase with your internal tools
  • Build custom business logic into Instabase processes
  • Leverage Jupyter notebooks to script custom capabilities in Python

Audit, Review, and Validate

  • Supports holistic validation for every document
  • Allows you to create validation checks about how data relates to each other in a single document
  • Detects bad data at the point of ingestion
  • Allows you to build rock-solid validation that makes data resistant to fraud
  • Rejects data modified inappropriately after being sent to the platform